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CEREC Same Day Crowns

When teeth have extensive damage or decay that are too much for traditional fillings, your Shelby, OH dentist may recommend a dental crown. We don’t take the recommendation of a dental crown lightly, as it is our primary goal to retain existing tooth structure whenever possible, though if you are like many other Americans, you may experience the need for one during your lifetime.

For those times when crowns are necessary, Dr. Marissa Miller proudly utilizes the latest technology available to help make your procedure quick, convenient, and precise. In years past, the process of getting a crown took several appointments. During the first appointment, an impression would be made of the tooth, using a putty substance to create a mold. The tooth would also be fitted with a temporary crown. During a period of up to a few weeks, a lab would create the new crown and ship it to the dental office. A second or third appointment would be set to remove the temporary crown and apply the new one on the tooth. If the fit of the new crown were not ideal, the crown may be sent back to the lab for re-milling.

With the state-of-the art CEREC system, used by your local Shelby, OH dentist at Discovery Dental, Dr. Miller can accomplish all these steps in as little as one visit. This process also eliminates the need for the distasteful putty impression and the temporary crown. Dr. Miller simply scans the tooth with a 3D imager, designs the new crown on a computer screen, and sends the information to her on-site milling machine, where your beautiful new crown is made to the precise specifications. All this can be accomplished the very same day, and we are happy to provide this service knowing that your time is valuable!

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

CEREC technology is used in your Shelby, OH dentist office for other procedures as well. Porcelain veneers and dental bridges, in addition to onlays and inlays (larger fillings) can also be custom made and milled while you wait, saving you time and inconvenience.

Once new materials are created using the CEREC machine, the final piece can be bonded to your teeth using an adhesive that is hardened by a special light. The restoration is polished and glazed, and matched to your natural tooth color so only you will ever know they are anything but your natural teeth!

Come see your Shelby dentist at Discovery Dental today to see for yourself how quality dental restorations can be done without the hassle. Call us today for a convenient appointment time. (419) 342-4217