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Doctor Assistant Sara

Sara – Doctor Assistant

As a dental assistant at Discovery Dental, Sara has learned a lot about herself and about dentistry – she believes every single day is a learning experience! She really enjoys connecting with her patients, getting to know them, and helping to make their time in the office comfortable. She is a family-oriented person, and loves to spend time with her daughter, and her husband Matt. In her spare time you can find her reading books, taking small trips, and hanging out with family and friends.

Meet Sara’s dog, Apollo

Our family pet is Apollo, a white pit mix. He is 1 1.2 years old. Apollo is a hyper, loving, protecting dog. He hates when we leave but is excited when we come home. Apollo believes he is a lap dog and tries to take up all the space. Big bed hog. As much as he drives us mad, we would not change him for anything

Sara's dog Apollo