27 Dec

What is Dental Botox®?

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As specialists in facial anatomy and esthetics, an increasing number of dentists are taking their skills into the world of Botox®. Often associated just with appearances, Botox® can be equally as therapeutic as cosmetic. Botox® is a purified protein that irons out wrinkles by attaching to a muscle and preventing it from contracting. When the muscles contract away from the skin, this is what causes wrinkles. This has thus far been its most popular use in cosmetic facial treatments. What most patients don’t know is this same function can relax other muscles in the jaw and face for pain relief [...]

13 Dec

The Story of Caries Prevention

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If we told you that your mouth is the site of a constant battle between teeth and bacteria, would you believe us? Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the fact that Shelby teeth are always at risk of developing dental caries is no exaggeration. In case you’ve never heard about caries, Dr. Marissa Miller is going to take this opportunity to shed some light on what it is, how to stop it, and what Discovery Dental can do to help. Dental Caries, Tooth Decay, and Cavities What do dental caries and tooth decay have in common? A lot! Actually, they are [...]

27 Nov

Dental Insurance FAQ: The Basics

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We at Discovery Dental understand that dental insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate. Evaluating dental plans and considering deductibles, benefits, which treatments are covered, and the mountain of other information insurance companies provide can be a headache in and of itself. Dr. Marissa Miller wants every Shelby resident to have the power to control their own health, so here’s a simplified guide to the basics of dental health insurance. As always, if you have a question, don’t be afraid to give us a call! Dental Insurance Dental insurance is an excellent investment that helps Shelby residents ensure a lifetime of healthy [...]

13 Nov

How Dental Night Guards Can Help You

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It’s common to see people wearing mouth guards in Shelby during all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, and boxing, but did you know that lots of folks wear mouth guards at night for their dental health? People who grind their teeth (bruxism) and people with sleep apnea can get relief from their symptoms simply by wearing a specially-designed mouth guard at night. Dr. Marissa Miller has helped tons of Shelby residents improve the quality of their life with night guards and we at Discovery Dental invite you to come visit us today to find out more. Night Guards for Bruxism [...]

27 Oct

The Best Way to Replace Missing Teeth

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We all remember losing our teeth as children and being delighted to find money from the tooth fairy under our pillow, but it’s just not as fun as an adult. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have an average of 25 permanent teeth remaining, which is three shy of a full set (minus wisdom teeth). Dr. Marissa Miller wants everyone in Shelby to know that replacing a missing tooth is important to your dental health. Read on for more information and please give Discovery Dental a call with any questions [...]

13 Oct

Don’t Get Kicked in the Teeth…But If You Do – The Importance of Mouth Guards in Sports Safety

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It’s no secret that residents of Shelby love sports! The folks around here work hard and play just as hard, whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, or the numerous other high-impact sports that can cause harm to your family’s mouths. In fact, at least 13% of all oral injuries happen during sports activities. Dr. Marissa Miller wants you to know how keep your teeth out of harm’s way and still enjoy a good game, so please read on and learn how to win big with a safe, healthy smile. It’s About More than Mouth Guards We know what you’re thinking, mouth guards [...]

27 Sep

What Are Essential Oils?

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Essential oils are time-tested treasures gaining new popularity among fans everywhere. These potent liquids are fun and fresh ingredients that you can customize for almost any oral hygiene need. As with any DIY dental treatment, do your research and be cautious. Not all oils are safe to ingest and some may hurt you if applied directly onto your skin. Essential oils are distilled from plants and usually sold singularly—one ingredient per bottle although you can also find oil blend products. Like other supplements, the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate their safety or efficacy. Using Essential Oils for Oral [...]

13 Sep

If You’re Avoiding the Dentist

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We’ve all got our reasons. Money. Time. The fear of pain. Juggling insurance. Facing one more reminder that we really should be flossing more. Any of these might cause us to avoid and put off regular visits to the dentist. Has it been so long since your last dental appointment that you’re not even sure how to find a dentist you can trust? Or perhaps you know and love your dentist but you dread the idea of trying to catch up on life with the hygienist while your mouth is being propped open by a tiny plastic jack. (Yes, we [...]

27 Aug

Chocolate is Good for Oral Health – True or False?

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Most of us were taught when we were kids that sweets like chocolate will rot your teeth. While this may remain true for some types of our favorite sweet snack, that doesn’t mean we have to take it off the menu all together. In fact, recent studies have found that dark chocolate, containing high percentages of cocoa, may actually be beneficial to your dental health. Dr. Marissa Miller at Discovery Dental wants Shelby residents to know the facts so they can satisfy their sweet-tooth safely. How does it work? […]

13 Aug

DDS vs. DMD: A Dental Degree Breakdown

2017-04-26T04:06:34+00:00Dental News|

If you are looking for a dentist in Shelby, you may have picked up on the fact that there are two types of dental degrees – DDS and DMD. Perhaps you’ve noticed that there are far more of one than the other, or maybe they are split 50/50. Either way, you’re probably wondering what the difference is, and how this will affect your dental care. At Discovery Dental, we love to spread the word about all things dental, so here are the facts, straight from Dr. Miller. The Difference Between DDS and DMD […]

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