27 Jul

HPV and Oral Cancer: What you need to know

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We love to talk about the fun and interesting sides of oral health, but today, there is something much more serious on our minds. We care about the health of everyone in Shelby, and as dental care professionals, we feel it is our duty to educate you on how to be as safe and healthy as you can be. While you have probably heard of the human papilloma virus and oral cancer, most people don’t know that they are linked. Here is some information from Dr. Miller about the topic. If you have any questions, please feel free to give [...]

13 Jul

Updating Your Health History May Help Save Your Teeth

2017-05-03T00:10:28+00:00Dental News|

Although you might think of your general health and your dental health as two separate categories, they are much more connected than the average Shelby resident would suspect. Just like the information you provide to your doctor helps him/her keep your health in good shape, Dr. Marissa Miller depends on your input for optimum dental health. We at Discovery Dental like to go above and beyond for our Shelby patients, but we need your help to make sure you get the quality dental care you deserve. Here are a few reasons why: […]

27 Jun

Professional Dental Cleanings Make a Big Difference

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You’ve been hearing it for years – “make sure to visit Dr. Miller twice a year for your regular cleanings.” Just in case you’ve ever wondered why regular dental cleanings are so important, we at Discovery Dental would like to take this opportunity to let Shelby residents in on some information you don’t often hear. Let this article serve as your personal guide to the benefits of getting your teeth cleaned. If you have any questions or find that you are suddenly inspired to visit Dr. Miller for a cleaning, feel free to give us a call! Why You Should Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned [...]

13 Jun

How Dental Sealants Keep Cavities at Bay!

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If you are a parent, you probably know how difficult it is to get Shelby children to brush and floss regularly. On top of that, young children often lack the necessary motor skills to properly care for their teeth. At Discovery Dental, we want your whole family to have excellent dental health, so here’s some information on how Dr. Miller can help protect your kids from tooth decay. If you have any questions or would like schedule a consultation, please give us a call. Kids and Cavities In the back teeth, there are numerous nooks and crannies that toothbrushes can’t [...]

27 May

The Importance of Dental X-Rays

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The technology of dental medicine is advancing by the minute. There are now sophisticated techniques for diagnosing and tracking oral cancer, correcting crooked teeth in less than a year, treating periodontitis (advanced gum disease) without surgery, and many more. Yet, when it comes down to diagnosing issues and creating an effective treatment plan, nothing beats a fresh set of X-rays. Dr. Miller uses dental X-rays to see the whole picture, in order to keep your teeth healthy, bright, and beautiful. If you are a Shelby resident with questions about how X-rays work, read on, and don’t hesitate to call Discovery [...]

13 May

Relief from Dry, Chapped, & Cracked Lips

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We’re no strangers to extreme temperatures and dry weather in Shelby, and our lips are proof. Most of us experience chapped lips at some point during the year and it’s not uncommon to see lips that suffer from annoying, painful cracks. Here at Discovery Dental we are very much attuned the oral health needs of Shelby, so here are a few tips from Dr. Miller about how to keep your lips healthy, kissable, and free to eat and drink whatever you crave! Do You Have Chapped or Cracked Lips? […]

27 Apr

How to Clean Teeth Like a Dentist

2016-04-27T09:30:39+00:00Dental News|

Oral hygiene is the foundation of good dental health. Brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to keep your Shelby smile healthy and clean. Consider this your personal tutorial on the art of dental hygiene, instructed by Dr. Miller and the expert hygienists at Discovery Dental. If you have any questions or would like to test your skills in person, feel free to give us a call! Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, and Mouthwash […]

13 Apr

Crack Down on Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), also known as cracked cusp syndrome or split tooth syndrome, is a painful condition that results from a crack in one of your teeth. CTS can mean anything from a tiny hairline split in the crown to a fracture that goes all the way to the root. If you have a nasty toothache and remember biting down on something hard, it’s time to call Dr. Miller. Don’t worry though, because the dental professionals at Discovery Dental are committed to giving you the best oral care that Shelby has to offer. To find out more about cracked tooth syndrome, [...]

29 Mar

Is Holistic Dentistry Right for Me?

2016-03-29T09:30:30+00:00Dental News|

Currently a hot topic of debate among dental and health professionals, holistic dentistry has gained popularity in recent years, alongside the movement toward naturopathic medicine. Dr. Miller at Discovery Dental wants Shelby residents to understand the differences between the two approaches to dentistry, in order to make the most informed decision when choosing a dental health professional. What is Holistic Dentistry? […]

13 Mar

4 Facts about Dental Implants

2017-05-03T00:10:28+00:00Dental News|

Most Shelby residents will lose a tooth at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer. There are numerous ways to fix a lost tooth, but today, Dr. Miller would like to educate you about the best option for a healthy smile that will last a lifetime: dental implants. Here are some facts about dental implants. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to give us at Discovery Dental a call. […]