How to Clean Teeth Like a Dentist

Oral hygiene is the foundation of good dental health. Brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to keep your Shelby smile healthy and clean. Consider this your personal tutorial on the art of dental hygiene, instructed by Dr. Miller and the expert hygienists at Discovery Dental. If you have any questions or would like to test your skills in person, feel free to give us a call! Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, and Mouthwash […]

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Crack Down on Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), also known as cracked cusp syndrome or split tooth syndrome, is a painful condition that results from a crack in one of your teeth. CTS can mean anything from a tiny hairline split in the crown to a fracture that goes all the way to the root. If you have a nasty toothache and remember biting down on something hard, it’s time to call Dr. Miller. Don’t worry though, because the dental professionals at Discovery Dental are committed to giving you the best oral care that Shelby has to offer. To find out more about cracked tooth syndrome, [...]

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Is Holistic Dentistry Right for Me?

Currently a hot topic of debate among dental and health professionals, holistic dentistry has gained popularity in recent years, alongside the movement toward naturopathic medicine. Dr. Miller at Discovery Dental wants Shelby residents to understand the differences between the two approaches to dentistry, in order to make the most informed decision when choosing a dental health professional. What is Holistic Dentistry? […]

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4 Facts about Dental Implants

Most Shelby residents will lose a tooth at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean your smile has to suffer. There are numerous ways to fix a lost tooth, but today, Dr. Miller would like to educate you about the best option for a healthy smile that will last a lifetime: dental implants. Here are some facts about dental implants. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to give us at Discovery Dental a call. […]

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Trend Alert – Oil Pulling

What is oil pulling? Claiming everything from whiter teeth and healthier gums to decreased body aches and pains, oil pulling is the latest trend in DIY detox therapies. Newly popular among celebrities and lovers of natural health and wellness, oil pulling is a hygiene practice that actually dates back centuries through the Indian medical tradition Ayurveda. Simply put, oil pulling uses common plant-based oils (coconut is a favorite) in place of store-bought mouthwash. […]

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Is it ever too late for dental work?

Let’s be honest. If you are like most Shelby folks, you’ve probably put off going to the dentist at one time or another. Some of us have even avoided seeing a dentist for years at a time. In fact, one in three Americans avoid going to the dentist regularly. After a while, that time spent away from Dr. Miller’s chair adds up, and so does the cost of dental work. You start to feel and even see that your teeth are not in good shape. Plaque and tartar buildup, toothaches, sensitivity to hot and cold, bleeding gums, deep, dark stains, perhaps [...]

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Need a Tooth Extraction? Don’t Be Afraid!

We’ve all had a toothache at some point at some point or another. While you should always consult your Shelby dentist, it’s not always a serious problem. Often, the issue can be fixed with a filling or a root canal. However, many Shelby residents have found themselves in a situation where the tooth is not salvageable, and the only solution is for Dr. Miller to perform an extraction, or remove the tooth. Today, Dr. Marissa Miller at Discovery Dental would like to talk about what you can expect from an extraction and why it’s not something to fear! Pulling Teeth isn’t like “Pulling [...]

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The Tooth About Teeth Grinding

Headaches in Shelby are a dime a dozen. We all know the frustration of having your day interrupted by throbbing, shooting pains in the head. If you suffer from frequent headaches that never seem to go away, Dr. Miller would like you to know about bruxism, or teeth grinding, a common condition that Shelby residents rarely know they have. At Discovery Dental, we love spreading the news about all things dental health, so here is some headache information that just might change your life. Bruxism and Headaches […]

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Veneers Can Give You Back Your Smile!

Having a great smile is a privilege that everyone in Shelby should enjoy. The confidence that comes from having genuine pride in your pearly whites is irreplaceable. However, many of us struggle with imperfections in our teeth. Broken, chipped, cracked, stained, and crooked teeth can really put a damper on your smile. At Discovery Dental, we know how much a healthy, happy smile means to Shelby residents, so we’d like to talk about how Dr. Miller can help get you the smile you deserve with veneers. What are Veneers? […]

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What is Acid Erosion?

There seem to be a lot of toothpaste commercials lately that talk about acid erosion and the damage it can do to your teeth. But these 30-second slots can’t explain exactly what happens, what causes it or how you can really protect your mouth. Here at Discovery Dental in Shelby, we want all of our patients to have the healthiest teeth possible, so we hope this post will help everyone prevent acid erosion before it starts. At your next appointment Dr. Miller will be more than happy to clear up any questions you may have, so don’t forget to ask. You can [...]

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