Why You Should Know About Diabetes

You have probably heard of diabetes, but did you know that it affects more than seven million people and they aren’t even aware of it? According to the American Diabetes Association, three people will be diagnosed with diabetes during the minute it takes to read this paragraph. If diabetes hasn’t touched your life, you may think you’re safe, but Dr. Marissa Miller wants all Shelby residents to know what it is, how to diagnose it, and how to protect yourself. Your health is important to us at Discovery Dental, so please read this article to find out how diabetes can harm your [...]

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Protect Yourself from Oral Cancer

Dr. Marissa Miller and all of us at Discovery Dental would like to take this opportunity to talk about oral cancer, the lives that are lost to it, and what it could mean for you and your family. Oral cancer is one of the only cancers that is actually becoming more common, and we want our Shelby patients to know what it is and how to protect themselves. Oral cancer refers to mouth cancer, tongue cancer, throat cancer, tonsil cancer, and a number of others. This year alone, more than 5,000 people will lose the battle to some form of oral cancer. Dr. [...]

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Cold Sores: The Monster Lurking on Your Lips

If you have ever had a cold sore, you know how embarrassing they can be and how isolated they can make you feel. It should make you feel better to know that you are not alone: cold sores affect a whopping 8 out of 10 people. This may seem high, but even if you don’t remember getting a cold sore, you could still be a carrier, as most people are exposed to the virus before the age of seven. Some people who have been infected might not display any symptoms at all, and may never actually have an outbreak. [...]

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Caring for Your Dentures

The image of a glass full of false teeth on the nightstand is plastered all throughout popular culture. It would seem that putting your dentures in some water and cleaner does the trick, but Dr. Miller reminds us that proper denture care goes far beyond that. In fact, denture maintenance is an important part of oral health. For Shelby, OH residents who have dentures or are considering them, it is important to know exactly how they function and how to care for them. If you have any questions, please give us a call at Discovery Dental. How do Dentures Work? [...]

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Teaching Your Kids to Brush and Floss

As a parent, you will have numerous opportunities to teach your children valuable skills and each one will yield priceless memories. Your child’s first step, your child’s first word, your child’s first bike ride, your child’s first unassisted brushing and flossing session…Well, maybe that last one won’t be as memorable, but Dr. Miller wants to remind all Shelby, OH parents that good oral hygiene habits begin in childhood. So, today, we at Discovery Dental would like to take this opportunity give you some tips on teaching your kids to brush and floss. Good Brushing Habits Last Forever […]

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Protect Your Teeth for a Healthy Baby

You might be surprised at the number of connections between infants and the oral health of their mothers, whether through cavities or gum disease, during both pregnancy and infancy. Gum Disease and Low Birth Weight Frightening new studies have shown that women who had gum disease during their pregnancy were an astounding 7 times more likely to have a low birth weight baby. While it may seem strange that your mouth could be so important, gum disease is in fact an infection, and any infection can have detrimental effects on a healthy weight for your newborn. The best way to [...]

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Teething Doesn’t Have to Bite!

Your child probably won’t need to come in to see Dr. Miller until most of their teeth have erupted, somewhere around age three. Until then, you are in charge of all of their dental care while they go through teething. Don’t be scared though! We are here to help, and are willing to answer any questions you may have. What is teething? Teething is the discomfort your baby feels when their first teeth start to emerge through their gums. It is often a very frustrating time for both baby and parents, often involving a lot of crying (and that’s just [...]

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Can Amalgam Fillings Harm My Health?

Joanna Bourne / Foter.com / CC BYBy: Alison Aldridge Amalgam fillings have been a popular choice for repairing decayed teeth for decades, but over the past few years they have come in for a lot of criticism due to the fact that the amalgam contains a low amount of liquid mercury. The concern is that a small amount of mercury vapor may be released during chewing, and also when the amalgam filling is placed or removed. There have been a lot of studies into the levels involved, and the general consensus seems to be that they are insignificant. FDA Says [...]

The Importance of Preserving Your Natural Teeth

riboassi / Foter.com / CC BYThe old adage “you don’t have to brush your teeth – only the ones that you want to keep” rings true. That is to say, the longer the natural tooth structure is preserved within the oral cavity, the easier it is for the jaw to maintain a healthy level of bone. Additionally, it is easier for an individual to chew, speak, and clean their teeth when the natural teeth are present. This article will explain in detail why it is important to preserve natural teeth, and why restorative work such as implants are recommended for [...]

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