The Importance of Preserving Your Natural Teeth

riboassi / / CC BYThe old adage “you don’t have to brush your teeth – only the ones that you want to keep” rings true. That is to say, the longer the natural tooth structure is preserved within the oral cavity, the easier it is for the jaw to maintain a healthy level of bone. Additionally, it is easier for an individual to chew, speak, and clean their teeth when the natural teeth are present. This article will explain in detail why it is important to preserve natural teeth, and why restorative work such as implants are recommended for [...]

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White or Red Wine?

The age old debate over wine has covered hundreds of years and thousands of topics. Which tastes better? Which is more sophisticated? Which has less calories? Which has more health benefits? Now, a number of new studies are adding another topic to the controversy: which one is better for your teeth?   White or Red? Everyone in  knows that drinking red wine can leave unsightly stains your teeth, but a recent study shows that white wine may actually be a worse culprit. Scientists at the New York University College of Dentistry studied the effects on tooth whiteness, and found that [...]

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Protect Your Teeth from Coffee Stains

Don’t worry: we’re not going to tell you to stop drinking coffee! We understand how necessary that morning (or afternoon) boost of caffeine can be, especially during these gloomy, winter months. We love our coffee too! This Discovery Dental post is meant to help you take care of your teeth by protecting them from coffee stains and ridding them of any discoloration as safely as possible. […]

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Fix That Stinky Breath!

Does your breath stink? Are you afraid it does? An oral hygiene routine is always the best option, but if it’s not possible or practical to brush and floss your teeth, you still have a number of options available, including mouthwash, mints and gum to help you get rid of bad breath. […]

Give the Gift of a Brighter Smile This Holiday Season!

shimelle / Foter / CC BYYou can only get someone a tie as a gift so many times until that idea gets worn out. And, you know they really don’t actually eat those fruitcakes you give them every year. So, what do you give someone who seems to have it all? Dr. Miller has a suggestion: Why not a gift certificate for dental services? A practical gift, a dental gift certificate can be use for treatment, teeth whitening, a shiny new power toothbrush or whatever other dental services or products they may need. For yourself or someone you love in [...]

Diabetics Oral Health Problems

rachellynnae© / Foter / CC BY You Must be Vigilant to Prevent Diabetics Oral Health Problems It’s no secret that diabetes is a health condition that must be treated because of the problems it can cause throughout the body—including in your mouth. November is National Diabetes Awareness Month—a time to consider the nearly 26 million children and adults in the U.S. who according to the American Diabetes Association, have diabetes. It’s also a time to consider the effects diabetes can have on oral health. When people with diabetes experience high glucose levels, those levels could also be helping bacteria thrive—causing [...]

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